Author: Shavone

Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

This year we celebrate mothers everywhere in Canada on Sunday May 8th.  Plan ahead and surprise a mom with something special and show your appreciation. Get the full article over at EcoParent Magazine online.

10 Tips to Discover Your Inner Chef

A recipe is a set of instructions that describes how to prepare or make something. It can serve as a guide, a reference point or simply a chance to get inspired. With hundreds of different cuisines and thousands of ingredients there are endless possibilities to work with, or as I like to say, play with. Here are 10 tips to...

Get Funky with Fermented Food

Fermentation is a process involving a group of microorganisms, primarily bacteria, known as lacto bacilli. These bacteria live in anaerobic environments and go through a metabolic process that converts sugars to lactic acid or alcohol. They are everywhere and humans have a symbiotic relationship with these bacteria. They make it possible to grow food, assist...

Seasonal Spring Harvest Recipes

Very soon, locally grown and harvested spring vegetables will be available for purchase. Two of my favourite vegetables are asparagus and garlic scapes. They are delicious, extremely nutritious and can star in any dish in a variety of ways. Get the full article over at EcoParent Magazine online.

Rediscovering Rhubarb

Rhubarb is one of the first crops to harvest during the growing season. Its tart-like qualities make it very versatile to cook with and often stars in both sweet and savoury dishes. Below are two recipes to satisfy both. Get the full article over at EcoParent Magazine online.

Spring Cleansing Food

Since the early 1900’s the chemical industry has developed and released roughly 78,000 substances into the environment. Most of these chemicals were initially considered safe but are now recognized as hazardous to human health and the environment. Poly-systemic health conditions are more common than ever and can be attributed to these toxins. It is so important...

Wild Edible Weeds

Weeds can have a negative connotation in nature, considered to be invasive, over-run and under valued. Despite the quantity of wild weeds that can be cultivated each year, it is not commonly practiced. There is a social stigma associated with them and in recent years the basic understanding of their benefits, uses, and applications have...

The Benefits of Broth

Broth is a traditional meat stock that is gaining popularity as a method of food preparation – and for good reason, too. Current broth alternatives are laden with flavour enhancers, sodium, sugar and genetically modified foods. Get the full article over at EcoParent Magazine online.

A Simple Guide to Soaking and Sprouting

The 68th United Nations (UN) General Assembly declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses. Learn how to incorporate pulses into your diet today. Get the full article over at EcoParent Magazine online.

5 Essential Immune Boosting Herbs You Need to be Eating Every Day

Herbs come by the hundreds and are extremely versatile for their culinary and medicinal application. Today I will highlight five of my favourite culinary herbs that you absolutely must start using this winter if you haven’t already. Get the full article over at EcoParent Magazine online.