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Food for a Better Mood

Vitamin D is a bit of a misnomer because it is actually a hormone. Our bodies produce it when exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet light. We can also get it from certain food. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you are probably familiar with the long dark winter months. As the days get shorter,...

Realistic New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are acts of self-improvement, many of which are geared towards diet, health and weight loss. Unfortunately, the failure to follow through usually stems from setting unrealistic guidelines. This year, avoid this pitfall and stay accountable to yourself by following these simple tips. Get the full article over at EcoParent Magazine online.


Starting Seeds Indoors

If you are starting seeds indoors in anticipation of the growing season let me share my experiences with you. Having learnt through trial and error I want to quickly highlight some do’s and don’ts of indoor propagation. By following these easy steps you too can ensure the successful growth of your plants. DON’T … Start seeds too early:...


Spicy Cayenne Mayonnaise

If you have never made your own mayo it’s time you tried. I do not eat mayonnaise on a regular basis but when I want to I always make it homemade and fresh. If you purchase store bought mayonnaise you will likely end up with a highly processed products that contains egg protein derived from...


Calendula and Shea Butter Cream

One of my favourite flowers is calendula officinalis. Bursts of yellow and orange bring light to my day. Each morning during the growing season I walk through my garden and pick the most mature flowers. Note: Calendula is always producing new shoots; picking encourages more growth.Find an area to dry the flowers. As they dry move them into a...


Daily Dental Home Care Routine

Dental caries and gum disease are infections caused by microorganisms in the teeth and the gum. The goal is to actively reduce, remove and renew any damage caused by infection. Follow this daily dental home care routine for best oral hygiene benefits. Every Morning: Brush your teeth and clean your tongue Use oil pulling technique for 20 minutes...


Making a Wormery

What is vermicompost? A process of using worms to accelerate the decomposition of kitchen scraps into a nutrient rich soil. Red wrigglers are commonly used to inoculate your worm bin, it’s suggested to start with approximately 1lb. Benefits: -Compost your food waste rapidly -Compost indoors during cold winter months -Free fertilized soil -Liquid fertilizer by-product -Supply of fishing...