Realistic New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are acts of self-improvement, many of which are geared towards diet, health and weight loss. Unfortunately, the failure to follow through usually stems from setting unrealistic guidelines. This year, avoid this pitfall and stay accountable to yourself by following these simple tips. Get the full article over at EcoParent Magazine online.


Starting Seeds Indoors

If you are starting seeds indoors in anticipation of the growing season let me share my experiences with you. Having learnt through trial and error I want to quickly highlight some do’s and don’ts of indoor propagation. By following these easy steps you too can ensure the successful growth of your plants. DON’T … Start seeds too early:...


Pomegranate Walnut Stew

Fesenjan, or pomegranate walnut stew is a classic Persian sweet and sour stew, which is often featured on special occasions. Its robust flavour comes from the blend of rich ground walnuts and tart pomegranate syrup. Served on a bed of rice and decorated with jewel-like pomegranate seeds it makes a stunning addition to any holiday table. Somehow,...


Black Bean and Corn Quinoa Salad

I recently moved to Peterborough, Ontario. My ma’am is sweet and sent me off with a care package flush with fresh picked organic corn, onion and bundles of parsley. I spent the day biking and built up a good appetite while excitedly anticipating the the meal I planned last night. If you’ve stumbled across this recipe and want to...


Wild Alaskan Salmon & Beet Salad

Essential omega 3 fatty acids are so important in the diet and can be obtained primarily from seafood. Most notably it helps support development, especially cognitive development, lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation. Now more than ever it can be difficult to determine which fish sources are superior, less contaminated, more sustainable and responsibly sourced. Do...



Trust me when I say this is one of the most delicious and easy to prepare meals! You can play with the ingredients and do not need to worry about precision measurements. It is packed with green goodness providing you with dietary vitamin K, calcium, and iron. Power up Popeye! Watch the following video on how to...


Basic Quinoa Recipe

As you will learn there are various ways to prepare quinoa. I wish to share 2 common methods with you, including my preferred one. Once you get the hang of preparing the basic quinoa recipe I encourage you to cook large amounts of it at a time. It can be stored and used throughout the...


Savoury Quinoa Salad

Savoury quinoa salads are one of my favourite cooked salads. They are easy to prepare and make a great side dish or ready-made meal. Once you have mastered preparing quinoa following this link you will soon start whipping up your own creations in no time. Savoury Quinoa Salad Print Recipe CourseStarter CuisineVegetarian Servings Prep Time...


Hearty Harvest Quinoa Salad

There’s really no need to wait until fall to try this hearty harvest quinoa salad. On a brisk evening this recipe will fill you with earthy flavours that bring you a sensation of warmth and comfort. If you haven’t prepared quinoa before simply follow this link. If you have an intolerance to dairy simply leave out the cheese and sprinkle...


Brown Rice Sushi Rolls

I recently taught a cooking class about weight loss and this was one of the dishes I prepared. You might at first think I promoted this recipe because it does not contain any refined carbs, wheat, gluten, dairy and has a modest amount of calories. These factors might enhance the effects of weight loss but...